History of the Raw Bar

The Raw Bar traces its roots back to the Commissary/company store for the turpentine operation which began here in 1903. The building as it stands today was constructed in its present location to take advantage of any highway traffic resulting from the building of the highway in 1929.

In the early 1930's Mrs. Gypsie McNeill (Jim's Grandmother, Jennifer, Meredith, Katie and Austin's Great-Grandmother) served noon meals and catered dinner parties in the east portion of the store -- so the business has come "full circle" from its beginning.

The Raw Bar phase actually began in 1986 after hurricane "Kate" virtually destroyed the wholesale oyster businesses in which the McNeill family was extensively engaged.

Having more oysters than they could eat themselves, and not enough to continue wholesaling, the decision was made to open the establishment as it is today -- Simple But Good.

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