Jim's Grill

Jim is no longer with us, but his presence is felt at the Indian Pass Raw Bar every single day. Jim didn't fire up the grill except on special occasions. Fortunately, around here, the sun going down in the West can be a special occasion. At most big events at the Raw Bar, Jim usually had something tasty cooking in that big old grill of his.

One of his favorite recipes was Drunken Chicken. This recipe is open to a lot of variations. The main gimmick is to use a good quality beer. Jim always used Budweiser because the can is just the right size, but your favorite brew will do. Here's what to do:

Drunken Chicken ala Raw Bar

Have six chickens, well cleaned and a six pack of beer in cans, well cleaned. Take a mixture of Dale's or Moore's Steak seasoning (Moore's is less salty) and zesty Italian Dressing and put it in a big pot. Add lemon pepper to taste, and marinate the chickens for an hour or so. If you need a little extra liquid, use beer for cryin' out loud. Don't use water. Duh?

Open the beers and pour half of each beer into a pitcher and drink it while the chicken is marinating. This would also be a good time to make sure you have a good medium hot charcoal grill going. Always good to get the fire stuff out of the way before drinking the beer.

Once the birds have marinated, and you are halfway through another beer or two, impale the bird on top of a half full beer can so that the can is where, well, where the back side of the bird used to be. Just sit them on the cans so their little legs dangle down like in the picture. Don't just rip a leg off one in the front like in the picture unless you are hungry. Brush the birds liberally with marinade from time to time as they cook. The fat will drain out, the beer steams the meat and enhances the marinade, and pretty soon, WOW! you have chickens lining up and dancing off the grill onto plates.

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